Things that happened in February and March

I know, yet again I have neglected my blog for well over a month but I have finally gathered the motivation to remember what I have been up to over the past weeks and write them all down. This month-and-a-bits events starts and end with visits from Jonny and lots of skiing. Amongst 3 great days skiing in les Deux Alpes and les 7 Laux on Jonny’s first trip (with a few transport problems) we also went to watch the women’s 6-nations England v France rugby match. It turned out to be a pretty brutal game and had a very vocal crowd of frenchies in which we were very much outnumbered.

So far this semester I have had two snow-boarding attempts, the first of which was a total disaster resulting in us returning to Grenoble almost as soon as we had left due to 90km/hour winds in les Deux Alpes and the consequent closing of all the lifts! My second attempt got off to a slow start (again due to lift closures) but turned out to be a good day in the end and I feel like I have improved a lot. Cinema Sundays have continued, if a little half-heartedly, as we have had so many visitors from home over the past few weeks. So far I have seen ‘La Belle et la Bete’ and ‘The Lego Movie’ both of which were awesome even if I did look a little bizarre sitting in a cinema full of kids at the Lego movie.

I have also been fitting in the odd volunteering workshop with VSArt which have been really great (see photos below). The old-dears are so happy to chat to you and always love what you make with them, even if a couple are a bit cheeky. I had one guy try to put the glue on my face instead of the box he was decorating! Aside from volunteering I have started trying to look for a full time job for  May and June as uni-work starts to pick up along with the weather, and I realise just how close summer and the end of my year-abroad are!

Since getting back from half-term holidays last week it feels like summer has arrived early; its still amazes me how quickly the weather can change here. I spent the holidays in Morzine with Jonny for his birthday staying in a beautiful chalet. We had the best week making the most of our lift-passes and all the delicious chalet-food  🙂 I had  serious holiday blues when I returned to bare food-cupboards and lectures on Monday. To make the most of the weather while it lasts some friends and I spent all day yesterday having a picnic in the park looking truly british as we lay there in our t-shirts while the rest of Grenoble remains firmly attached to their winter coats- madness! To curb the boredom of holiday-induced poverty Lucy and I went to a games night last night and had great fun trying to explain and play games in french with about 5 different languages being spoken amongst the players. Hopefully it still had some benefit to my french though.

I am looking forward to celebrating Paddys day tomorrow with a pub-crawl before I knuckle down and try to get all my work done in time for Erins arrival on Saturday. Guess I will HAVE to take her skiing too… its a hard life!

1378187_10152078965048224_1311567879_n 1794570_10152013175823224_1812859773_n 1800249_3837683478331_1589337778_n 1902047_10152002915781864_556367275_n Bijoux à Moirans le 27 février 2014 010 Décopatch à Noyarey 11 fev 2014 026 Décopatch à Noyarey 11 fev 2014 042 IMG-20140223-WA0000


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